Azure Media Overview

“Media  projects must fire on all platforms  --  on air, online, in print, in schools, on the Hill and in the community  --  to truly have impact in today’s world.”
                                    Anne Zeiser, President & CEO
 Azure Media LLC

Azure Media, LLC provides media companies with strategic counsel to shape media projects that integrate editorial, marketing/sponsorship and social change perspectives – the trifecta for viability in today's world. The company harnesses the power of the media by developing multi-platformed media events – often via strategic partnerships – across all platforms: on air, online, in print, and in the community. These strategic campaigns operate simultaneously at treetops and grassroots levels to increase audiences’ awareness, understanding, and action.

Azure Media conceives and manages innovative, effective, and fully-integrated strategic services to media companies and projects in the following areas:

Multi-platform project development for Oscar-, Emmy-, Peabody-, and duPont Columbia-award winning media events (strategy and partnership negotiations in TV, film, radio, web, mobile, magazine, book, CD, DVD, etc.)

Social action and impact campaigns/cause marketing (strategic partnerships, public education, educational outreach, community outreach, action initiatives, public affairs)

Integrated marketing communications planning (branding, marketing, public relations, advertising, web & viral marketing)

Azure Media’s founder and CEO is an award-winning and passionate strategist whose background as a broadcast journalist, marketing executive, and social advocate uniquely positions her as the architect of successful, outcomes-driven media campaigns.

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