Azure Media develops and manages multi-media projects that reside on air, online, in print, in theater, in school, in community, and on the Hill.  The company brings together leading editorial, promotional, and outreach partners across multiple platforms, focusing them on a common topic and orchestrating them into a coordinated media or cultural event.  Those platforms can include: TV, radio, web, film, print, mobile, DVD, CD, educational outreach, community outreach, public affairs initiatives, and more. This approach to media project development recognizes the current multi-platformed environment in which media platforms complement, rather than cannibalize each other.  In combination, they allow us to fully reach consumers the way they are experiencing and participating in today’s world.  And, leveraging the power of the media as a collective maximizes opportunities for consumer awareness, cross-promotion and driving traffic.

Media Case Studies

BBC/PBS Latin Music USA (in development; TV – BBC, PBS and V-me; print – People en Español, Billboard; cultural/public education partner – Smithsonian Latino Center; the Hill – Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute)

Martin Scorsese's The Blues (TV – PBS; film –Lightning in a Bottle Antoine Fuqua; radio – PRI; web – and other partners’ sites; book – HarperCollins; music CDs – Sony Legacy & Universal; promotional partners – American Airlines, Tower Records, Volkswagen; public education – EMP traveling exhibit, classroom curriculum; cultural/public education – Radio City Music Hall concert, Sundance, Venice, Cannes, Woodstock, New Orleans Jazz, Monterey Jazz and 120 other festivals and cultural events; the Hill – “Year of The Blues” Congressional proclamation and House screening event)

Curious George (TV – PBS; film – Universal; web – &; book – Houghton Mifflin)

Rx for Survival – A Global Health Challenge (TV – PBS; radio – NPR; print magazines – TIME and TIME for KIDS; web –,,; book – Penguin)

PBS Millennium 2000 (PBS, BBC, ABC and 50 broadcasters worldwide for a 24-hour live on air and online celebration; cultural/public education – MIPCOM launch)


Multi-Platformed Media Project Development


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