Social Impact Campaign Development

Azure Media harnesses the power of media projects, translating audience awareness into deeper engagement and action by providing audiences with ways to “get involved” with various issues or causes – from reading literacy, science literacy, the environment, human rights and health care to animal rights, education/empowerment of girls/women, nutrition, obesity and volunteering.  Research shows that once aware and emotionally connected to an issue, audiences are seeking concrete, simple and proven ways to participate and contribute to positive change. When a multi-media project on an issue is integrated with a strategically designed social action campaign – operating at both treetops and grassroots levels – audiences can move across the Awareness-to-Action Spectrum™ – from awareness, to saliency, to action.

The goals of an impact or action campaign can range from public education and provision of additional resources to fully articulated, long-term calls-to-action supporting advocacy and stimulating behavioral, institutional or policy change.  Impact campaign design involves a strategic plan including: public opinion polling; audience segmentation; target audience identification; issue/cause discover; advisory board development; goal and strategy establishment; spokespeople identification; partner alignment; campaign branding, messaging and communications; impact and evaluation /metrics development; and sustainability analysis. 

The most effective social action campaigns are collaborations between media companies, not-for-profits, corporations and government entities that are established, committed to the issue, and effectively reaching the target audience. The media elements shine a Klieg light on the issue, while other strategic partners advance key campaign initiatives – from advocacy to community action. Over time, these multi-disciplinary, media-anchored action campaigns can create milestones that truly catalyze social transformation. And, the authentic connections that people experience when participating in these campaigns create lasting audience loyalty to the partner organizations.

Media Case Studies

PBS KIDS Health Initiative” multi-brand initiative on children’s health and childhood obesity  (in development; advisory board – HHS, CDC, NIH, National Association of Education of Young Children, American Dietetic Association, American Psychological Association, National Association of Sport and Physical Education, National Latino Children’s Institute, Children NOW, Sesame Workshop, Scholastic Media, TIME for KIDS)

Rx for Survival – A Global Health Challenge special on global health and child survival (media – PBS/NOVA, NPR, TIME, Penguin Books; spokespeople/advisors – Brad Pitt, Sherry Lansing, Bill & Melinda Gates, Paul Allen, Gerry Laybourne; NGO partners – CARE, Save the Children, UNICEF, American Academy of Pediatrics, Rotary International, Girl Scouts; public education – newsroom guide and Johns Hopkins undergraduate course; Hill – House proclamation on global health, Global Health Caucus; impact evaluation – public opinion polling on awareness and participation)

Evolution and Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial specials on science literacy (spokesperson – Jane Goodall; public education – online and in-print curriculum guides and video modules; partner – National Center for Science Education)

"Zoom Into Action" ongoing Zoom series element on kids’ volunteerism (media – PBS; local TV segments – PBS stations; web –; public education and outreach – Zoom surveys; community partners)

National Geographic’s Strange Days on Planet Earth special on the environment (media – PBS, National Geographic magazine,,; host/spokesperson – Edward Norton; public education – classroom curriculum, museum zoo exhibits; partners – Monterey Bay Aquarium and 17 other aquariums, science museums, and zoos; impact/evaluation – public opinion polling)

Corporate Case Studies

Stanley Works/Habitat for Humanity on homelessness

MWRA/Black & Veatch on clean-up of Boston Harbor and clean water/ocean health

Veryfine Apple Juice on environment/recycling and natural ingredients (alar scare)

MathSoft “Math Is Radical” on numeracy and science literacy (in-school and on the Hill)

Brigham’s Ice Cream “KidSpeak” on giving children a voice

New England Baptist Hospital’s “Staying in the Game” on sports injury prevention


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